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The final stop in your weight loss journey is to first change the way you think; only then can you change the way you eat.

We have been the top nutritionist in Atlanta, GA, for six years in a row. Our philosophy is to help you change your way of thinking before you embark on any personalized weight loss program. Our clients have more success with long-term goals when they are provided the tools necessary to think differently from the moment we first meet. A personalized weight loss program will only work if you understand the fundamentals. That is what makes Sheryl Westerman Nutrition and Weight Loss Consulting the only partner you need along this journey.

Our programs offer a lifestyle change not a diet. Other programs make you give up essential food groups, which is not sustainable long-term. An integral part is including all of the food groups, while ours includes fruit, starch, fat milk, and protein. We want you to be able to incorporate your weight loss plan in your day-to-day living.

Our Methods


We come along side you and help you manage your food intake and diet.

Traditional + Medically Assisted

Be guided in a sensible way to manage your nutritional intake, on appetite suppression medication. You still want to eat healthy food.

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